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Love Your Smile!

LOVE YOUR SMILE Let’s talk about your smile. It’s the first thing people notice about you. Your smile is the focus of talking, eating, expressing emotions, and those all-important social media photos. Your smile can make a great first impression—or not. In an Academy of General Dentistry survey, 40 percent of respondents said they notice a smile first in people they meet, and 96 percent believe a smile is vital to a person’s appearance. How about you? Do you love your smile? Or do you try to hide it because you lack confidence about your teeth? If you never had braces as a child or you weren’t as diligent as you might have been about wearing your retainer, it’s never too late to let Dr. Buchanan Orthodontics give you a smile you can’t wait to show the world. And it’s about much more than appearance.

LOVE YOURSELF It’s important to take care of yourself so you can care for your family. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean. And the healthier your teeth and gums are, the better your overall health will be. When harmful bacteria multiplies between your gums, it enters your bloodstream and causes health problems. Once there, it can spread to your heart and brain. Research has shown an increased risk of cancer, heart problems, Alzheimer’s, and dementia can all be tracked back to bacteria in your bloodstream. Dr. Buchanan can give you a smile that not only looks great but helps you stay healthy, too.

LOVE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS Dr. Buchanan knows that once you have your own beautiful and fully functioning smile, you’ll want to tell the world about it. That’s why she holds promotions, like the current AirPods Pro contest. Anyone who comes in for a consultation during the months of January and February will be entered to win the AirPods Pro. These babies are difficult to get your hands on right now, but Dr. B has got you covered. (Drawing will be held at the end of February 2020.) SHARE THE LOVE Dr. Buchanan is always looking for ways to make a difference in our community. She and her team are currently traveling to local schools—along with their mascots Bucky and Pearl—to speak to students about the importance of dental and orthodontic health—for a lifetime of great smiles and good health. Dr. Buchanan is now accepting new patients. Call (972) 542-4412 or visit to schedule a free consultation.

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