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Braces or Tooth Aligners?

Dr. Buchanan Has The Answer!

You know you’d like to straighten your teeth—not just so they look great

but so they operate the way they should.

You’ve done your homework

and understand how properly aligned teeth are easier to keep clean and


Properly aligned jaws can prevent TMJ (temporomandibular joint)

jaw pain and prevent wear and breaking of teeth.

What now? Must you

go all out with braces, or can you accomplish the same thing with tooth


Orthodontist Dr. Jennifer Buchanan is glad you asked.

Since she opened her orthodontic practice in 1996, Dr. Buchanan

and her team have pioneered the latest orthodontic technology in a

relaxed, clean, and professional environment. In 2005 she introduced

her patients to Damon braces, which can move jaws and teeth to widen

your smile and reduce gum recession. With Damon braces, she can

correct underbites, overbites, crossbites, and crowding without the use

of expanders, extractions, surgery, headgear, or Herbst appliances. The

results have been astounding for thousands of her patients.

“One of the questions we hear a lot is, ‘Can my bite be fixed with aligners

alone?’”, Dr. Buchanan stated. “In most cases, tooth aligners alone won’t

correct complex bites. Aligners work great for minor cosmetic changes.

Trying to use aligners for complex dental problems such as narrow jaws,

gum recession, severe crowding, overbites, underbites, etc., are like

putting a Band-Aid on a broken arm.” For orthodontic treatment it is

important to use Dr. Buchanan, who is an orthodontist with specialized

training in the science of tooth movement and aligning jaws.

Dr. Buchanan explained that with aligners she has to glue attachments

to the patient’s teeth. “Often, there are multiple attachments and they

can be the same size of a clear brace,” she said. “Also, with aligners, you

need to wear your trays a minimum of 22 hours today to get the correct

movement. If you don’t wear your trays as directed, the technology won’t

work. Aligners are 100 percent compliance driven. Many patients find

that, even with the aligners, they still have to wear braces and elastics to

get the desired tooth movement.”

For some patients, aligner treatment is a great option—but not for all.

“Aligners are extremely useful for aesthetic purposes and simple dental

crowding issues,” Dr. Buchanan said. “Damon orthodontic braces are

functional and work efficiently for correcting complex tooth and jaw

problems. Damon braces can also be expected to work faster than

aligners at closing gaps and straightening teeth.”

Which is right for you? Call (972)-542-4412 or visit

and schedule your free initial consultation with Dr. Buchanan to find out.

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